Monday, November 23, 2009

Small Vigina Pics Girlfriends Vigina Too Small ?? ... Or Penis Too Big?!!?

Girlfriends vigina too small ?? ... or penis too big?!!? - small vigina pics

If you have sex with my girlfriend it hurts ... Use lubricants .. have a lot of preliminary ... and I take my time with you ... Finally there is the image that is nothing but harm and everything that does not .. Realba thang, but when it hurts ... Day that I ventured a look and see what the damage .. ya .. I ripped the sides of the VAG .. bleeding ... Then he stopped to have sex for a while to heal, and things happen in his time .. I. .. So we thought things were well healed, so he tried again and even went with a lot of blood ... I do not know what to do ... I like to help me ... Neospora lubercation? .. Should I go to the doctor? It is done and has all the other ...


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